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Behind the Brand

Behind the Brand

With a farming childhood and a background in Neonatal Intensive Care and Paediatrics, Anna Brand, founder of The Woolly Brand brings knowledge and a skillset that sets her apart in the infants and children's apparel space.

With experience caring for our most vulnerable little people, Anna saw T|W|B as an opportunity to replicate the nostalgia of our childhoods, the hand-me-down, hand knitted pieces from Grandma that came with great love and combining it with a foundation in science and evidence.

'I feel a responsibility to invest in my children, to provide a reliable and sustainable future. One that is nurtured in fibres that will not only care for them but will give back too.

We live busy lives, our kids are on the go, we are working and want so much for our families. Combining the nurturing space knitwear holds with the dynamic benefits of merino wool is important, but to do it with convenience is essential.

My answer, The Woolly Brand, Australian Merino Wool Knitwear for infants and children that is gentle, durable and machine washable.

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  • Expecting a Baby? Anna's Hospital Bag Essentials

    Expecting a Baby? Anna's Hospital Bag Essentials - The Woolly Brand
    Need a checklist for you or someone who is having a baby? We have you sorted with Anna Brand's Hospital Bag Essentials. Including her Labour Bag, Mother's Bag and Baby's Bag. Don't forget to SHOP the list so you've got your woollies ready for your precious baby.
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  • 7 Steps to the Dream Swaddle

    7 Steps to the Dream Swaddle - The Woolly Brand
    I have a foolproof method to swaddle your baby that is safe, secure and places them developmentally correct position meaning your baby can sleep soundly while you have a break. Backed up by years of experience in the Neonatal Intensive Care and mothering my two little babes, my 7 Step Method to the Dream Swaddle will ensure your baby has the snuggliest sleep. 
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