February 13, 2024

How to manage overheating in your baby

By Anna Brand
How to manage overheating in your baby - The Woolly Brand

Do you know how to manage temperature?

It sounds like a simple thing but tiny ones don’t have the ability to manage their temperature, whether as it gets colder or when it heats up. Cold is quite straight forward, consider layers and how many you need for the environment. Whereas hot can be more challenging. As the mercury rises have you considered if you’ve got your tiny one’s temperature under control or are they overheating?

Tiny ones have an immature thermoregulation system and a much higher metabolic rate meaning they can overheat quickly and can’t compensate. A normal temperature range for a baby is 36.5-37.5 degrees celsius

What are the signs of a hot baby?

  • Warm to touch
  • Reddened or flushed skin, heat rash
  • Rapid heartrate and fast breathing
  • Reduced interest in eating and drinking.
  • Unsettled and unable to sleep.
  • Reduced urine output.
  • Core Temperature >37.5 degrees celsius 
  • Vomiting
  • Lethargic, unresponsive, deceased


How to reduce your baby’s temperature safely

  • Offer fluids including breastmilk and formula. Baby’s > 4-6months may be offered water.
  • Remove unnecessary layers of clothing and wraps
  • Apply cool compress
  • Give a lukewarm bath (not cold nor warm)
  • Ensure the space baby is in has good airflow


If you can’t safely reduce your baby’s temperature into the safe zone (36.5-37.5  degrees celsius), your baby is showing signs of distress or no signs of life CALL 000 and go to your closest Emergency Department if safe to do so.


Fibre and thermoregulation

Natural fibres are the go to when it comes to managing temperature. Plastics based fibres or blends do not breathe and make managing temperature challenging in hot weather.


Merino wool is a natural breathable thermoregulating fibre and perfect for hot weather!

  • Thermoregulating: warm your little one in cool weather but it can cool your little one during hot weather through the crimps in the wool fibre.
  • Moisture wicking: merino wool can pull up to 30% of its weight in moisture away from the wearer
  • Eczema friendly: the extra fine fibres are soft on skin and breathable meaning its safe for sensitive skin according to the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.
  • Fire Resistant: According to research by the Australian Wool Innovation 'the high ignition temperature, high limiting oxygen index and its self-extinguishing behaviour' makes wool naturally resistant to burning, even when exposed to an ignition source for a long period of time.


How to include merino wool in your little ones warm and hot weather day

  • Swadding: Our Essential Extra Fine Merino Wool Swaddle is perfect for your tiny person. If you want to swaddle your baby on a hot day this is the answer. Just a nappy and our Essential swaddle will assist in thermoregulating your baby’s temperature. it’s even more effective at keeping your baby comfortable that in muslin!
  • Clothing: Consider wool singlets, suits and clothing for a hot day.
  • Fire Safety: Even if not being used, keep a wool swaddle or blanket with you in the pram, nappy bag or nearby on hot fire risk days. In the event of a fire wrap your baby in the wool blanket and move to your designated safe place.


All information at The Woolly Brand comes from an AHPRA approved Registered Nurse from verified sources. Please consult your healthcare professionals for advice.