1. Size Guide 

We are in the process of updating our sizing from 2022 to new sizing in 2023. Please note the individual styles and their sizing below.


Size Guide for Classic Cable Knits AW22


Height: Head to Toe Up to 92cm 1-2

Height: Head to Toe Up to 98cm 2-3

Height: Head to Toe Up to 104cm 3-4


Baby 1-2

Toddler 2-3

Child 3-4


90cm x 80cm


Size Guide for Essentials A23

Cardigan (Measure Shoulder to Hip)

0-3m: 25cm

3-6m: 28cm

6-12m: 31cm

1: 34 cm

Jumper (Measure Shoulder to Hip)

1: 35cm

2: 40cm

3: 41cm

4: 42cm


90cm x 80cm 

Size Guide for Classic Cables AW23

Jumper/Cardigan (Measure Shoulder to Hip)

0-3m: 20cm

3-6m: 25cm

6-12m: 30

1: 35cm

2: 40cm

4: 42cm

6: 46cm

8: 50cm


2. How does The Woolly Brand care for you

Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable Packaging

At The Woolly Brand it's important to us that we do our bit in leaving our little patch better than when we found it. By purchasing from The Woolly Brand you can be sure that you are getting the best quality woolly items that are natural, renewable, biodegradable and sustainably produced. This includes using the gentle and natural fibres in all our pieces - if your little person is nurtured in The Woolly Brand they will be safe, snug, and doing their bit for a sustainable future for generations to come.

At the Woolly Brand we love getting our woollies out in the garden, our way to give back to your garden is to send your woolly items to you in home compostable packaging. All you need to do is pop it in your compost bin and continue digging your tomatoes, basil and broccoli knowing that your woolly package wont take 400+ years to breakdown, in fact in about 90 to 120 days your mailer, postcard, tissue and stickers will be composted ready for your veggies! How fab is that!

At The Woolly Brand we are working towards being plastics-free. We aren't there yet, sometimes certain bits and bobs don't quite have the right environmentally conscious alternative or the durability that we want for our pieces at The Woolly Brand.

We are keen to reduce unnecessary waste and so you might notice that not all woolly items come with extra packaging gift wrapping. We are trying to do our bit to reduce, reuse, recycle and compost where we can, we hope you understand.


3. Caring for your Wool

How do I wash my woollies?

At The Woolly Brand we like to make life as easy as possible, this includes where possible trying to make our items washing friendly. Ideally with all woollen products, hand washing using a gentle wool detergent and drying on a flat sun protected surface is best.

If hand washing isn't your thing, no worries, check your woolly care tag and if it includes the a machine washing symbol then you are good to go on gentle wool cycle at 40 degrees celsius, just remember to use a gentle wool detergent.

Please note that woollies with wooden buttons will degrade over time as they are a naturally biodegradable product, gentle care is advised.

For more information on washing 100% merino wool please go to www.woolmark.com 


4. Storing your Wool

How do I store my woolly order?

If you live down south like us you will likely not need to store your woolly items as they will be a regular on your little person, in the nappy bag or even your beach bag for use all year round. If you live in lovely warm climates and want to store your woolly items away from pesky moths and critters here is what you should do. Wash your woolly items and then pop in an air tight vacuum pack. Alternatively you can store them in a wool or 100% cotton storage bag, wrapped in acid free tissue in a storage container with a cedar block. Regularly check your woolly items incase those pesky critters have decided your items are the perfect snack and home. 


Where can I find more information?

At The Woolly Brand we look to our industry experts at The Woolmark Company whenever we need more information. You can find them here https://www.woolmark.com


5. Shipping

*As of July 2023, we have had to increase our shipping prices in line with Australia Post price increases. We understand this is expensive and are sorry that we have had to do this. 

As a rural based business it may take a little extra time for your woolly items to arrive compared to our city business friends. We use Australia Post so depending on where you live how long it may take. If you are keen to purchase from outside Australia you are very welcome at The Woolly Brand. Keep an eye on your confirmation email for details of delivery.

  • Standard Shipping within Australia $15
  • Express Shipping within Australia $25
  • Free Standard Shipping within Australia on orders over $250
  • Free Express Shipping within Australia on orders over $300
  • Standard Shipping to New Zealand $30
  • International Shipping (excluding New Zealand) $55

Please be aware that orders placed after 3PM on Friday plus all day Saturday and Sunday will then be fulfilled the following Monday morning.

We always do our best to achieve fulfilment of your order within 48 hours so your woolly items can get to you ASAP!

We use Parcel Post (Australia Post).

6. Exchanges & Returns

Can I return or exchange an order?

At The Woolly Brand we would love to ensure you end up with the woolly item that suits your needs. Your woolly order may be returned or exchanged within 14 days of you receiving your order. To receive a refund or exchange, woolly items must be in new condition, not worn or made their way through the washing machine with packaging and labels intact. Exchanges may only occur if stock is available. At The Woolly Brand we are keen to reduce packaging and waste so if you need to return your woolly items have a go a re-using the compostable packaging your items came in.


How do I return my woolly order?

Get in touch at hello@thewoollybrand.com.au  and we will troubleshoot your issue and send you a Return Authorisation Number (RA#). At The Woolly Brand we are keen to reduce packaging and waste so if you need to return your woolly items have a go a re-using the compostable packaging your items came in.  Please allow time for postage and handling as we are based in a rural area.

Once your return has been received by The Woolly Brand and is in appropriate condition as assessed by The Woolly Brand we will get in touch and process your return/exchange. If you are returning an item please allow 7-14 days from the time The Woolly Brand receives your woolly items for the refund to be back in your account.

Please note there are no returns on SALE items.  


7. Where are The Woolly Brand items made?

The Woolly Brand where possible sources Australian produced and made products. That said, our woolly items are knitted overseas to ensure we can bring you a price that is reasonable and affordable. We pride ourselves in using knitting facilities that are licensed by The Woolmark Company and yarns that are licensed and certified with the Woolmark as well. This means you can be sure the yarn's origin is Australian, possibly grown by you or your neighbour.