Beanies - The Woolly Brand


23 items

Nothing beats Woollen Accessories. Whether a beanie to keep little noggins warm or the softest socks, woollen accessories are the...

Blankets & Swaddles - The Woolly Brand

Blankets & Swaddles

4 items

Made from 100% Woolmark Certified Australian Extra Fine Merino Wool blankets and swaddles are the ideal way to gently wrap your...

Classic Cable Knits - The Woolly Brand

Classic Cable Knits

29 items

Our Classic Cable Knits take the stress out of dressing your kids. Made from 100% Woolmark Certified Australian Extra Fine...

Essentials - The Woolly Brand


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The Essential Extra Fine Merino Wool Range is the answer to dressing your family. These woollies will help you manage their...

Greeting Cards - The Woolly Brand

Greeting Cards

8 items

If you would like to gift Australian Grown, Merino Wool Knitwear to a special person in your life why not add...

Jumpers & Cardigans - The Woolly Brand

Jumpers & Cardigans

24 items

Our jumpers and cardigans take the stress out of dressing your kids, nurturing and gentle yet up for the rough and...

NEW WOOLLIES - The Woolly Brand


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We love bringing you new woollies and these are going to be your new favourite too! As always our woollies...

Outlet Woollies

Outlet Woollies

5 items

Our Outlet Woollies are still our much loved, high-quality 100% Australian Grown Merino Wool Knitwear. They have slight imperfections. Please note...

Overalls - The Woolly Brand


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Classic Cable Knit Merino Wool Overalls for infants and toddlers are super snug for cooler days. Reaching from shoulder to ankle, our woolly...

SALE - The Woolly Brand. Image of Knitwear hanging.


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Shop our Classic Cable Knits in 100% Australian Grown, Extra Fine Merino Wool on SALE. Join our mailing list, and...

Toys & Comforters - The Woolly Brand

Toys & Comforters

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There is nothing better than a snuggly, 100% Australian-grown woolly toy and comforter!

T|W|B Best Sellers - The Woolly Brand

T|W|B Best Sellers

13 items

Here we bring you our The Woolly Brand best sellers, knitwear that are a regular sell out. High quality merino wool...

Woolly Bundles - The Woolly Brand

Woolly Bundles

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The perfect combination of our 100% Australian Grown Merino Woollies. Using only the finest Woolmark certified yarn our woollies are...