March 10, 2023

7 Steps to the Dream Swaddle

By Anna Brand
7 Steps to the Dream Swaddle - The Woolly Brand

I have a foolproof method to swaddle your baby that is safe, secure and places them developmentally correct position meaning your baby can sleep soundly while you have a break. 

Backed up by years of experience in the Neonatal Intensive Care and mothering my two little babes, my 7 Step Method to the Dream Swaddle will ensure your baby has the snuggliest sleep. All you will need is a swaddle such as our Essential Extra Fine Merino Wool Swaddle  that is perfect for warm weather and cool, for layering and on its own. Our Three Part Series on instagram included a step by step post and video and an in depth video that went into all the nitty gritty. We really have done a deep dive into all things swaddling so be sure to check it out if you're feeling it might help you or send it on to someone it could be useful for! 

Here are my 7 Steps to the Dream Swaddle

  1. Lie your baby with the top of their neck in the middle of the long side of your swaddle
  2. Bring their hands to the midline, not by their sides. This is a developmentally important position for the hands.
  3. Cross the top left corner over and tuck on the right side of the body maintaining the hands at the midline.
  4. Cross the top right corner over and tuck on the left side of the body maintaining the hands at the midline.
  5. You are left with a triangle at the bottom
  6. Fold the triangle upwards
  7. Tuck both corners underneath allowing for space around the hips for developmental protection

Time for a cuppa as your beautiful babe will be slumbering, safe and secure.

I hope you find this helpful, maybe one less stress as you walk up and down the living room trying to get your beautiful babe to sleep, the knowledge that they are safe and sound, snuggly and secure. 



Anna x